Introduction To Web Designing

To develop a web page there are some languages you need to know, they are; HML, XML, CSS, Javascript,PHP, MSQL,Virtual basic etc. Note that you don’t actually need to know all of these, it all depends on the type of webpages you are trying to build and what functions you want or what you would want those web pages to do.
For web designing (i.e controlling the look, feel and flow of your webpages) you need majorly HTML,CSS and JavaScript. You can learn all of these and more here for free

Brief introduction to the languages you need to learn;

Remember I said it doesn’t have to be all these, it all depends on the functions how you want your website to be and the functions or what you want the users of those website to do.

What is HTML and what is it used for?

HTML means Hyper Text Markup Language. It is use for writing the web pages or websites.
So for you to write a webpage or develop a multi-pages website you need to have basic knowledge of HTML.
HTML is easy to learn and it is exciting to see yourself creating your very own webpage, especially when you write your very first page.  You will definitely enjoy learning it. I did when I learned mine.

XML and what is it used for?

XML means Extensible Markup Language. XML is used for writing in a format that is both human readable and machine readable.

CSS and what is it used for? 

CSS means Cascading styling sheets. It is used for adding designs into the webpages .

Javascript and what is it used for?

Javascript also known as JS. It use in making Webpages behave in a desired manner.

PHP and what is it used for?

Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a general purpose language and they help users to perform actions on your page.

SQL and what is it used for?

SQL means Structured Query Language. This is used to for creating database for websites.

How is that for simplified definitions? Now, I will start going into the real tutorials  on Web designing in proper.

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