How to design website from scratch using a mobile phone

Mainly, websites are designed on computers and it has been perceived that it is impossible to design websites on a mobile phone until now.
And you are about to find out how.

Although it is way much easier to design on a computer than to do it with a smart phone but that doesn't mean that designing a website from scratch on a mobile phone is not doable.

So, for those who are wondering if it is possible to design a website from scratch using a mobile phone, this article is your answer and it is a YES!

This is good news for those who are planning to learn web designing but don't have access to a computer, they can now easily learn and practice using the method described in this post.

You don't need any special app to create a website from scratch using your mobile phone.

To do this, what you need is:

Note pad and internet access.

So let's get into it.

For you to be able to create a website from scratch using your mobile phone, two parts are involved:

Part 1: Write the code on notepad

Note: Note pad comes with most smart phones but if you don't have a note pad (or it equivalent) on your smart phone, go to Google Play store to install one.
Open your note pad, type in your code.
For example: You can copy and paste the code below.


<Doctype! Html>
<h1> Hello World</h1>
<p> I am trying to write my first website page using my mobile phone </p>

Save your note.

Since note pad on smart phones don't come with the option of saving files in a desired format(that I know of), you cannot add .html extension to your note and that means you can't view it like you would have done on a computer.

Now, this brings us to the second part of the tutorial

Part 2: Previewing Your Written Codes

Now that you have your code ready.

  • Open your web browser (any web browser of choice but I prefer Chrome)
  • Log on to
  • Create a blog using your email, it is completely free to do so
  • If you already have a blog with blogger, login using your email and on the left top corner, click the down menu and select new blog to create a separate blog for the purpose of viewing what you've designed.
  • Name your blog whatever you desire and choose any template (it doesn't matter which of the themes you choose)
  • You can read how to create a blogger blog for step by step guide on how to create a blog on blogger.
  • Once you have completed the process of creating a new blog and your blog is live.
  • Click on the settings on your blog menu.
  • Then click Basic
  • Under basic, edit privacy: set both listing of blogs and visible to search engine to No.
  • Save your settings.

Note: Preventing your testing blog from appearing on search engine is optional though but you wouldn't want your testing site to be visible on search engine or would you?

Now move to the next step. Click theme, it is a step above the setting option.

Click on setting symbol under mobile view and change to desktop theme on mobile. Skip this step if your theme is Contempo, Soho, Emporio, Notable. For all other themes, this step is important.

Click on revert to classic theme

Change NavBar to off

Click on edit html

Clear all the code in there

Minimize the browser and then go back to your notepad

Copy your code and paste it into your blog's html section

Click on save theme to save it

Click on view blog (it is at top of the menu side bar under the blog name) to preview your work.

Result of the code above:

You are all done. Now you have successfully created a webpage using your mobile phone.

This is the sample of the code written earlier when previewed using the method described in this tutorial.
Simple isnt it?

Note: The steps become pretty simple once you have your blog created the first time, all you need to do is to just copy from your note pad and paste it into your blog's html every other time to preview your work.

Ps: you have no more excuse not to learn web designing, the tutorials are simplified for everyone to understand and now you know you can practice whatever you learn using your mobile phone.

Hope this tutorial helps

Let me know what you think about this in the comment box down below and if you do know of any notepad-like app that allows you to save your file in different format kindly let us know thanks.

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