How to create a WordPress site in 2019 for beginners

WordPress powered sites are very popular around the web and its popularity is due to the fact that it is easy to use. 

You don't have to have any knowledge of programming or web design for you to get started, there are a lot of free themes and even premium themes are available for you to use from. In comparison to blogger, it gives you a wider range of options to choose in terms of theme or template.

I will definitely give you a full comparison of this two sites in one of the upcoming posts, be on the lookout for it and make sure you subscribe for notifications so as to get informed of new posts.

Back to WordPress site building, there are two ways you can go about it.  One you can create your blog or website using or you can use offers both free and premium option to build your website. With the free site you have a range of options to choose from in terms of theme (which you can customize easily) and also your posts get to appear in the community where other users get to see, read and like your post if they chose to. The free site/ account gives you the basic things you need to get your blog and website started but there are some limitations though.

 Read Vs, for full detail on the limitations of free website and comparison between the premium site and site.

How to create your site

Creating a new site takes these 7 simple steps below

1. Log on to Visit to get started

2. Sign up:  Click on the signup button. As this tutorial is for creating a free WordPress site, move down a little to the middle of the home page and click sign up for free.

You would be prompted to sign up using your email and your chosen password. The email address and password used in creating your account would be required for logging into your account.  sign up

3. Choose the type of site you want to create: Choose from the type of website you want to create from the list provided. Options are Blog, Business, Professional and Online store.  choose a website type

4. Choose your niche: Chose the category your blog belong to. Options: Food, Travel, Fashion.etc  sign up2

5. Choose a name for your blog: Choose a unique name for your website or blog. Note that you can easily change this once your site has successfully been created.

6. Choose your blog address: Type in your desired url and the drop down suggestion box would appear with different names and prices for each, including a free one. The free domain for a blog is the chosen url+  For example, the blog name is becky' blog , the desired url is beckyblog, the blog type is food then the free url that would be given is

wordpress site creation

If you have a domain already, you can just click on "Already have a domain" to connect your new WordPress site to it.

7. Choose a theme: There are numerous options to choose from, just pick anyone for a start. once you complete your site's creation process, you can easily change to any theme of your choice

wordpress site theme

8. Choose your plan: Choose your plan, there is a free option, blogger, personal, premium, business and e-commerce options

once you have chosen your plan, you would be redirected into your website admin panel where you can start customizing your site.

There you have it, now you've become a proud owner of a site. Site site is a free tool for building your website, it is the easiest way to go when it comes to building a site because there are thousands of theme and plugins ( both free and premium) you could use to set up your website. And there are many developers that are into developing themes and plugins for, so be assured, your options aren't limited.

How to set up a site.

For you to create your site, you have to subscribe to a hosting service provider.  There are many Wordpress hosting providers you could use, examples are but not limited to bluehost, hostinger, Godaddy, Namecheap etc. They offer their services at different prices and there are many options avialable to choose from. 

So make sure you compare a few of them and choose the plan that suits your need the most. Read Wordpress hositing providers compared.

Once you chosen your hosting provider and you’ve completed your registration process and your site goes live, then you can start to add features to your site using your control panel in your hosting account or you can simply go the admin panel of your site to add your plugins and themes.

Note: the process of getting started is quite simple; you have nothing to worry about.  Both and sites are way much easier to customize than Blogger sites.

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