Linda Ikeji: it took me 14years to make it out of the hustle

Linda Ikeji shared her story on her instagram page. She stated that it took her 4years before she could start making money on her blog and 14 good years for her to make it big.

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"Be patient enough for your eventuality because it will come. It always does. But most are not patient enough for it. They give up on their dreams/hustle before their eventuality comes. It took me four years to start making money on my blog and 14years for my break through. May yours not be that long and may you be patient enough to wait for it(of course after you have put in the work).All the best"

In another video of a speech she gave at the 2019 Fobres Africa leading women Summit in Durban, she told her full story. How she failed at different things she tried, up until a time when she had to borrow a sum of $1000 to start publishing(magazine) from the bank but she failed at this yet again and was even arrested and detained for 8 hour just because she was unable to pay up the rest of the loan $500.

Now if she called it quit at this point, no one who have blames her but no she started her blog despite past failures and disappointments. And on top of that she had to work hard for 4 years before she started making money from it. If she had stopped after three years of blogging, she wouldn't have been who she is today.

Her story should be an inspiration to everyone, no matter what you face or go through do not accept defeat. If you fall down, you have to get up again and again and again until you can hold your ground and get to where you dream.

We don't pray it takes us as long as it take her for anyone of us to succeed in our endeavours but we also must learn from her to wait for our own "eventuality".


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