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Impressive Dressing always seal the deal -Glory Osei

Glory Osei a business consultant
advices business owners to show up dressed like the money they are about to charge their clients.

Read her full post below
Always show up dressed like you deserve the money you are asking for. Looking your best automatically boosts your confidence. Looking good don't have to be expensive. It could be as simple as properly ironed clothes, wearing covered shoes to cover your unkempt toe nails or maybe just clean your toe nails. The world is becoming more superficial. Your great personality isn't the first part of you people get to experience. Think of looking your best as giving yourself an advantage.
Confession what got me was her dressing in this

Gorgeous picture killed by horrible caption

The following pictures were uploaded by one instagram user(if you know whom you know)

Beautiful pictures, aren't they? But too bad the owners killed them with the caption. 

Read the caption

She could have written anything in the world of words but she chose those words? Come on girl, give us a break.

That right there is definitely one of the most horrible caption I have ever had to read. It did well though as it got 11k plus at the time I saw it but I am sure those likes are for the pictures and not for the lame caption. Or was I the only one who thought this was lame?

Full house wives have no right to bully their maid- A facebook user

A facebook user has taken to her status on facebook to condemn full house wives that bullies or maltreats their house maids in an hilarious way.

She said a full house wife has no reason to maltreat her maid because the maid is a working class woman while the wife is jobless.

Hilarious isn't it?

Her post
If you're just a full house wife you have no reason to maltreat your maid. She's a working class woman and you are just jobless.
I say she hit the nail on the head even though her reasoning is somewhat cheesy.

PS: No one deserves to be maltreated no matter what their position is.

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Linda Ikeji: it took me 14years to make it out of the hustle

Linda Ikeji shared her story on her instagram page. She stated that it took her 4years before she could start making money on her blog and 14 good years for her to make it big.

Read the original post.

"Be patient enough for your eventuality because it will come. It always does. But most are not patient enough for it. They give up on their dreams/hustle before their eventuality comes. It took me four years to start making money on my blog and 14years for my break through. May yours not be that long and may you be patient enough to wait for it(of course after you have put in the work).All the best"
In another video of a speech she gave at the 2019 Fobres Africa leading women Summit in Durban, she told her full story. How she failed at different things she tried, up until a time when she had to borrow a sum of $1000 to start publishing(magazine) from the bank but she failed at this yet again and was even arrested and detained for 8 hour just because she was unable to pay up t…