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What Do We Offer

Invest in a Business
Become A Business Partner
Team Up to start a Business
Find Investors
Find Business Partners
Find Sponsors
Get Business Grant
Investors Meet

We make it easy for business owners or individuals with business ideas and investors to meet.


Businesses and organizations can easily find individuals or organizations to partner with

Start up Team

We make it posible for individuals to team up for the purpose of starting new business or project together.


Individuals or organizations can get sponsors to sponsor their cause here.

How it Works

Our process on creating awesome connections.
  • 1. Idea

    It all start with an idea, write your proposals and submit to us.

  • 2. Proposals

    We upload your proposals for investors to find.

  • 3. Connection

    Visitors of our website find your propsals and interested indivuals get your contact info from us.

  • 4. Final Step

    You get contacted by interested individuals

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    About us

    All about our process of creating awesome business connections.

    Comboshare.com is created for the sole purpose of making business connection easier, thereby bringing about individual and collective advancement, realization of goals and making dreams come true.

    This platform makes the following happen:

    Find investors to invest in your business, be it an already established business or a new business yet to be established. Or invest in a business by choosing from the available proposals.

    You can easily team up with other people to start a business and also can find business partners to help move your business forward.

    Our platform is not only for people with ideas looking for investors or investors looking for businesses to invest in alone but also for businesses looking for partnership. E.g Producers/manufacturers looking for wholesalers and wholesalers looking for retailers.

    Our Mission is to help businesses grow, connect small businesses with the right partnership to make them bigger, help bigger business get even more bigger and to help indivuals with ideas but no finance connect with those with finance so as to foster quick business growth and advancement.

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    For any reason whatsoever please do make use of the contact form to reach us and we would gladly attend to your queries or enquiries as soon as possible!