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How to prevent your Chinchin from becoming hard; Best Chin chin Recipe

Most people enjoy Chin chin as a snack and I am not an exception. But the very few people who don’t complained that it is due to Chin chin’s hardness and because of this they don’t really enjoy taking it. So here I have decided to write a Chin chin recipe that is soft and delicious. Chin chin tends to become harder as days go by but if you follow this recipe it won’t. This is my best chin chin recipe so far. Less talk and more action (lol) let’s go into the recipe proper.
Ingredients needed for making Chin chin Flour Baking powder Sugar Butter Milk Egg
Ingredient                 Quantity
Flour                              1 cup

Baking powder2 tablespoon
Sugar                   3 tablespoon

Butter                  2 tablespoon

Milk(optional)              5ml

Egg                                  1

Groundnut oil      As required
1.Mix your butter and sugar together until it is creamy, you can use a spoon to do this.

2.Pour your flour into your mixture and add baking powder

3.Add milk or water (s…