How to add links into your web pages. 

 Links can easily be added into web pages by using a-tag. The href attribute is added to show the address of the a-tag.

Lesson 6: Buttons tag in html

How to create buttons in web designing 

To create buttons on your web pages, all you need to do is use button tags and enclose the text you want within the two tags.

Man and his company were convicted of charges brought against them by EFCC

Justice Logo

Man lost rights to his company and earns 10 years of jail terms for $1million fraud

EFCC’s response to what it did with the recovered funds


Many well-meaning Nigerians have been asking what does the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC do with the recovered funds from the looters?  As many people questioned, so was petition written against the commission.

Cosmetology Tutorial

Needed materials

  • Nylon sheet
  • Rubber Hand gloves
  • Nose mask
  • Plastic containers
  • Wooden stirrer

Starting Catering Business

How to Start Catering business in Nigeria 

What is catering all about?

Catering is just an art of “cooking” food for a large number of people usually at a gathering or an event.

Your job as a caterer is to cater for the food and drinks of those you are responsible for.

Since you are going to be preparing food for such large number of people and make money while doing it, you wouldn’t want to make any mistake, for such mistakes could actually cost you recommendation and new customers.

How to add styles to your web pages.

Lesson 5: Style Attributes 

How to add styles to your web pages.

Majorly, CSS (refer to introduction to web design) handles the styling of html pages.  To add attributes (refer to lesson 2) such as colors, height and width, font style, etc

Lesson 4: HTML Class Attribute

A Class is an attribute in HTML that is used to group elements that have the same properties and styles.

So when you want a block or more of elements in your webpage to have the same format and style, you can use the class attribute to make that happen.

You can also use the class attribute to style an inline-element as well.

Lesson 3: Heading in HTML

how to create html header

Generally speaking, headings are written to show the title of the whole website. They can be customized to add style to the webpages.

Lesson 2: Basic Structure Of A Web Page.

The backbone of a webpage can be subdivided into three segments

The declarations

As the name implies, the first thing to do is to write your webpages. This is mainly for introducing the type of document you are writing.

How to create a WordPress site in 2019 for beginners

WordPress powered sites are very popular around the web and its popularity is due to the fact that it is easy to use. 

Lesson 1: Definitions of Terms Used In Web Design (HTML)

For a start, let’s define some terms used in HTML so as to make our learning easy.


When we talk about elements, this includes the opening tags, closing tags and the contents in between.

How to design website from scratch using a mobile phone

Mainly, websites are designed on computers and it has been perceived that it is impossible to design websites on a mobile phone until now.

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