Lesson 2: Basic Structure Of A Web Page.

The backbone of a webpage can be subdivided into three segments

The declarations

As the name implies, the first thing to do is to write your webpages. This is mainly for introducing the type of document you are writing.

How to create a WordPress site in 2019 for beginners

WordPress powered sites are very popular around the web and its popularity is due to the fact that it is easy to use. 

Lesson 1: Definitions of Terms Used In Web Design (HTML)

For a start, let’s define some terms used in HTML so as to make our learning easy.


When we talk about elements, this includes the opening tags, closing tags and the contents in between.

How to design website from scratch using a mobile phone

Mainly, websites are designed on computers and it has been perceived that it is impossible to design websites on a mobile phone until now.

How to write your own web page from scratch

For this tutorial, all you need is a notepad / WordPad /notepad++  or any other like the ones mentioned on your computer.

Introduction To Web Designing

To develop a web page there are some languages you need to know, they are; HML, XML, CSS, Javascript,PHP, MSQL,Virtual basic etc. Note that you don’t actually need to know all of these, it all depends on the type of webpages you are trying to build and what functions you want or what you would want those web pages to do.